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The Pentagon has released very limited details about their development of a hypersonic weapons system. Utilizing long time government contract holder Lockheed Martin who won the nearly one billion dollar developmental contract.


Speculations as to what the project will become are now underway with an image released from the US Air Force.

The Air Force is refusing to give any further details about it’s hypersonic weapons program.


Many speculating that it’s most likely a supersonic missile delivery system to combat Russia’s and China’s Development of their own missile systems.

We personally would like to see a supersonic troop or supply delivery system.

Rapidly deploying a highly trained squad to handle things discreetly seems like a big win. Kim Jung-Un better place nicely 😉

The nearly one billion dollar project represents 1/600th of the nations military budget.

It could be decades or more if we ever get to see what us U.S. Citizens bought.

What Do You Think They Are Building? 

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