North Carolina making pot legal? North Carolina finally takes a step in the right direction to legalize Marijuana.

Marijuana, a word that means many things to people. Some it means a life ruining party drug. While others view it for medicinal purposes, for ways to fight anxiety and chronic pain. With many others would like to see complete legalization of marijuana.

A bill is set to pass that would allow up to 4 ounces of Marijuana to be on ones person. Quantities over 4 ounces would become a misdemeanor.

What Makes this Marijuana Bill An Even a Better Deal?

Those that have been convicted of having possession of marijuana in the past can get it removed off their record. All you have to do is pay a fine and appear before the court for it to be expunged off your record.

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Will Marijuana Ever Be Legal In North Carolina? 

This bill is promising for those that believe it should be legal. The numbers of supporters of legalization has grown over the years. It still has it’s protesters. But I believe this bill has a high chance of succeeding.

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