Suspect in Custody After Threatening to Blow Up Court House


Alamance County, NC – Today at 1 pm Thomas Lee Jeffries JR, a 24 black male was arrested for inciting a riot; on August 14th, 2017 Jeffries Quoted “Let’s just blow the whole court house up.” in a comment on a post that was inciting others to tare down a Confederate monument in Alamance County.

Jeffries was placed under a $20,000 bond. While further investigation is underway of others in this incidence. So far Jeffries is the only one being charged with a crime.

“We will have a zero tolerance against any crime here in Alamance County, regardless if it’s surrounding the Confederate monuments” Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson stated “We will not take this lightly” and also stated We will not tolerate any threat to any person or property.

Pat Nadolski took over the conversation about the investigation. Saying there is a lot of tension in the community regarding the Confederate monuments but there are ways to do things, peaceful, by protesting and appealing to county and state governments.

“But when people want to take law into their own hands we are not going to offer any leniency.” Pat Nadolski also stated, “this is a significant case as it is a threat to public safety.”

We are going to work with other law enforcement to make sure things like this don’t happen.

Sheriff Johnson “We do not need this type of conduct here, and we will not tolerate this type of conduct here.”

We will make sure the issues that are dividing our community that we will work together to come up with solutions.

Johnson also gave warning to anyone that post treating comments or social media post that threatens his county that you will be charged.

Pat Nadolski also gave some light that they do respect everyone’s right to freedom of speech and to peaceful protest but gave warning that any threats will be dealt with accordingly.

Johson did say, they are prepared for any threat to the court house or to the people of Alamance County.