Another Thanksgiving Day is slowly approaching and I haven’t even bought a can of cranberry sauce, oh dear.

This list is a list of things we all need before Thanksgiving Day smacks us in the face with family members from near and far.

  1. A turkey
    Gobble, gobble. Give thanks for the plump bird who gave up his life for you and your family. Make sure he hits a nice safe temperature of 165-178F, basting as often as you can so he is nice and juicy, or you can just fry him. Be careful, it’s dangerous.
  2. Potatoes, and lots of them – chop them up, eat them whole, do it however you need to make them more acceptable to those picky freeloaders coming over. I prefer mashed. 😉
  3. Gravy – Do not attempt to serve thanksgiving day dinner without some sort of gravy. It will ruin the whole dinner.
  4. Vegetables – Greenbeans, Bakedbeans or Whatever is in the Cabinet – Let’s hope the freezer burn taste isn’t that bad.  Green beans are always great and they will give a nice illusion of healthy.
  5. Cranberry sauce – Not the can thats been in the closet for 3 years but a new fresh one, if things get desperate spin the wheel and see how your guest like your secret aged cranberry sauce.
  6. Mac-and-Cheese – Can you say dinner for the next 2 weeks? HOLLLAA! Make sure you use more cheese than pasta, if your cholesterol doesn’t rise by a few dozen points during taste test add some more cheese.
  7. Spices and Sugars – DON’T FORGET THESE – Your food will suck if you don’t and you’ll have a lot more left overs, and while left over foods are great – staring at the turkey container a month later wondering if that thigh meat is still good is not always a good thing.
  8. Desserts – You can’t go wrong with pies, pumpkin pie, cherry pie, apple pie, chocolate pie…. (heavy panting). All of those pies are amazing, and even more so at making us hate ourselves, and each other as we eat and argue over who gets the last piece. Fun times.
  9. Disposable Plastic Plates and Wear – Unless you are up for washing dishes over the next 3 days I suggest get some of those disposable thingys to save time and depression from not listening to this suggestion.
  10. Storable Containers – You are going to have a ton of food left over if people don’t trust your cooking so go ahead and pick yourself up some containers – just to be safe.
  11. A table cloth – While they are your family and you are suppose to love them no matter what, having them ruin the table from scratches, spills or a drunk uncle falling into it is a good thing, it’s nice to know you have some protection.
  12. Family – You wouldn’t be in a panic if you didn’t love them. Don’t worry the joy of their company will soon go away. It’s a freeing moment knowing you don’t have to seem most of them for nearly a year.

    On a serious note, family time makes it all worth it. Enjoy it while you can.